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Best replica watches uk – Breguet 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00

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We always like to compare the time to the wheels to metaphor the flying of time. Back in the old days, we spent out childhood in the rocking horse and spent out youth in the bike, and now we spend our days in the city. In the watch field, time spends through the hands of watch, particularly the roubillon. And now let’s really dive into a really indicator of time -Breguet 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00.

Breguet 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00 is a classic automatic complication watch. It has a middle size of diameter, 40.5 mm and the case was made of 18k rose gold, which not only expresses the beauty, but also improve the taste of bearer. The watch also has case back which is made of 18k rose gold with 706 diamonds setting on it, giving a glaring feeling. Under it a string of word “Tourbillion” can be seen. When you clasp the case back, the rhodium-plated 18k gold dial will be seen through the case mirror. Black and rose gold matches each, adding sense of maturity to it.

Opening the case we will see the biggest feature-toubillon, under the dial. The exquisite structure presents the beauty of machine. Designers was originally inspired by the original watches and then designed the Breguet 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00, so a lot of features similar to former series will be seen, and the design better reflects the simplicity and symmetric beauty.

Breguet mainly wanted to highlight on the tourbillon. As a brand that named a tourbillon inventor, Breguet has a perfect performance in terms of its tourbillon. What is tourbillon? Tourbillon is a system that combines hairspring and escapement in the same axil and keeps running so that it can reduce the influence from the gravity. But Breguet 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00 has an amazing performance as double Breguet hairspring was applied to it.


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