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Chasing Every Seconds-TAG Heuer Carrera 1887

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Chronograph is the most popular among watch fans, because, first it is funny for playing with it because you will feel how cool it is through pressing the Stop button or Start button. If flyback or other functions are realized here, then it would happy to scream. Second, it has a cool dial. Most watches has three small eyeballs, namely, the three small dials. And the last reason is the price reason. Different brands many have a large span but comparing to other complication watches, it maintains a reasonable price.

Chronograph are similar in the dial, because almost all of them has two small dials or three small dials. But the small dials might not be the same in terms of its functions. So you should pay attention to this if you are a beginner with watches. But, basically speaking, they are almost the same. There are also some idea chronographs that might have breakthrough in the layout of the dial and some brands, even rare, makes achievement that ordinary brands hard to achieve. So the chronograph looks easy to learn it at the beginning but hard to master it completely. But Tag Tag Heuer, whatsoever, make it. precision, is what Tag Heuer pursues, and almost all innovation techniques are closely connected to it, particularly the balance wheel in 1887 is the best example.

Carrera 1887 has a white and black dial and a 43 mm of bezel and 18 k rose fold as ornamentation. Black leather is available so that a white and black version can match it. In addition to the typical 41 mm one, there are other types, such as golden strap one. What’s more, Tag Heuer even achieve 1/100, 1/1000 and 1/2000 second precision and creates the a brand new adjustment, that is, the escapement. We have reason to believe that in the future, Tag Heuer will have more surprise for us.


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